We know our customers love our service because we do everything we can to build personal relationships with our customers and ensure they are 100% satisfied. We also understand that in this economy, our world is driven by price. Everyone wants the best deal they can get, and we make sure our customers are getting the lowest prices around!

We beat all advertised prices!

  • Because we spend time talking to our customers, and marketing to them when we’re offering additional discounts, we aren’t wasting our time shopping around at our competitors sites. Sometimes, yeah, we’ll find out they’re offering lowering prices, but, when this ends up being the case, we’ll refund you the difference! Let us know right away & once we verify that someone’s offering a lower price (in your town, on that day) we’ll simply refund the difference to your payment card.
    • BONUS: you don’t have to shop around for days before your delivery! Why waste hours calling around when you know the top 3 companies in your area? Schedule a delivery with us, let us know if you find a lower price, get money back!

Neighborhood Discount Delivery

  • For select neighborhoods, we offer a re-occurring discount! This discount is on average 25¢ lower than our published rate! Sign up for it here. Just submit your info, select your neighborhood, and reserve delivery when your neighborhood is getting a deal! Reservations cost $1 and the week of delivery we offer prices that on average 10% lower than what anyone else can offer! This is by far, the best discount we offer.
    • FINE PRINT: This option is for select neighborhoods only, but, let us know if your neighborhood isn’t listed and you’d like it to be! We can always do a trial-run and get you a deal!

Fixed Rate Electricity Customers

  • Customers that sign up for fixed-rate electric supply through us get discounts on their Eversource electric bill & on home heating fuel delivery! Electric isn’t up and running yet, but you’ll be seeing it soon!
    • VISIT: The Electric page for updates.

Referrals of Friends, Family, and Neighbors

  • As I mentioned, we try to connect with each of our customers. So, if you like our service, and like our prices, tell someone! Lets say your mom gives us a call, and so does your neighbor, have each of them call in, use your name as a referral, and book a delivery within a week of each other. We shoot you a text to let you know that we appreciate you spreading the word. Then, next time you need oil we give you a $5 discount! $5 evens out to 5¢ a gallon on the average delivery! That’s a huge savings!



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